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A look inside the mind behind Mansfield’s pyro musical
7/8/2012 11:12:23 AM

Mike Wagner admits he gets bored with traditional firework shows. Randomly shooting shells in the air has been done for years and can’t hold a Roman candle to what’s possible now. You could say that technology has made him into somewhat of a fireworks snob. The owner of Extreme Pyrotechnics and his team painstakingly choreograph their firework displays to within 1/100 of a second, taking ...

The surprisingly scientific flash behind the fireworks
By David Ropeik
3/19/2012 5:18:14 PM

As you ooh and aah at the dazzling explosions of a fireworks display, there are three things going on that you probably wouldn’t guess: The chemists who made those pyrotechnics designed most of them so they wouldn’t explode, you’re actually seeing nature conserving energy, and most peculiar of all, when things are at their flashiest, you’re actually seeing the fireworks as they’re cooling down....

'Green' fireworks may brighten eco-friendly 4th of July displays in future
Published in Mathematics & Economics
3/19/2012 5:10:23 PM

With millions of people in the United States eagerly awaiting those July 4 fireworks displays — and our Canadian neighbors doing likewise for their July 1 Canada Day celebrations — here's a prospect for those light shows of the future likely to ignite a smile on Mother Nature's face: A new generation of "green" fireworks is quietly making its way toward the sky. That's "green" as in environment...

Budget Needs Let Fireworks Fly Lawfully
3/19/2012 4:01:22 PM

The Fourth of July promises to be more explosive than ever this year in cities and counties where fireworks had been banned for decades. Colorful pyrotechnics with names like “Untamed Retribution” and “Rain Fire” will paint the skies above backyards and beaches as consumers find it easier to buy fireworks and elected officials try to reap the benefits. Desperate to find any source of untapped r...

On Eve of 9/11, Celebratory Fireworks Rattle Nerves
3/19/2012 3:48:17 PM

On Saturday evening, many New York and New Jersey residents were preparing for the somber ceremonies of the next day when they heard noises from a different kind of ceremony. At least three firework shows — by Governors Island, in Hoboken and in Florham Park, N.J. — took place the evening before the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11. Some unwitting spectators were left wondering whether the firework...

Edmond, Oklahoma Liberty Fest Extreme Pyrotechnics, LLC.
1/18/2012 9:02:41 PM

Liberty Fest University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond, OK Voted one of the top fireworks spots in the nation by CNN and USA Today, the week-long Liberty Fest kicks off June 25th with a car show, rodeos, Kite Fest, concerts and OK's largest hometown 4th parade, luring more than 125,000. The fireworks finale is at the UCO Campus. Tune in to KCSC radio FM 90.1 for synchronized music. Bring your own...

Granbury Fireworks Show by Extreme Pyrotechnics, LLC. Nationally Ranked & Granbury Chamber
1/18/2012 8:55:07 PM

Granbury, Texas – Granbury’s 4th of July fireworks show has been known as one of the top shows in Texas for many years, but this year the show has gained national recognition. Yellow and AT&T Interactive created a Top 50 July 4th Fireworks list featuring top shows from across the country to be featured on the Yellow Web site. Granbury’s show was ranked in the Top 10 Firework...

"Good Morning Sir, Just a few lines to congratulate you on an awesome display and thank you for your cooperation with safety. I haven’t heard anything but good reviews about your display and e..."

~Demopolis Alabama

"The fireworks were great! We've had a lot of great feedback from homeowners and guests. As far as I know, the green cleaned up okay -- I didn't hear any different. Thanks so much and it was great w..."

~Michelle Harper - Old Kinderhook

"Just wanted to thank you guys again for the great display. My family and I loved it."

~Zane Hampton - Timber Trails Campground